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Team For Your Business Needs

Team with the skills to help you meet your business goals



Murli Mohan Rao is a marketing research, strategy design and business consulting professional. He has more than 23 years of experience across not just the Middle East but Asia Pacific and North American markets. 

The nature of his specialization spans market research, strategy design, business consulting, employee training and policy development. At 3L Corporate Services, he plays an important role in conducting market research for clients, developing market strategy and advising clients on appropriate market action. Within the Middle East, he has delivered solutions to a wide range of brands such as Volkswagen, Dubai Executive Council, Dubai Electricity & Water Authority, Technical & Vocational Training Corporation of Saudi Arabia, KPMG, Saudi Labor Ministry, Abu Dhabi University & Mubadala among others.

Murli has a Bachelors degree in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering and a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration.


Amit Joshi is an award winning designer and has more than 20 years experience in the GCC region in Graphics Design and Visual Communication. He has spearheaded a number of creative tasks, which include logo design, brand manuals, marketing collaterals, social media campaigns, advertising campaigns, packaging and product design, POSM, indoor / outdoor signage and TVC storyboards. 

He has managed creative development work for some of the leading brands in the region, which includes Masafi, Falconcity, Azizi Developments, Landmark, Centrepoint and Organic Foods & Café among others. Sample of his portfolio can be viewed in the link - 


At 3L Corporate Consultants, he coordinates and manages creative development work for clients in the above mentioned areas. Amit has  a Bachelor's Degree in Applied Art and Visual Communication from one of the leading institutions in India. 


Deepu Verghese is a IT Hardware, Networking & Systems Management professional. He comes with more than ten years of experience in this space. He closely works with our clients to identify, develop, and implement IT solutions customized to meet specific client needs. 


A partial list of responsibilities handled by him include general system support, IT consulting, IT outsourcing, helpdesk services, server backups, disaster recovery, business telephony, network infrastructure management and other regular IT services. He is also adept at designing and managing CCTV solutions that may be required by clients. 


He has experience in working in some of the most challenging IT environments and can therefore be of great assistance to you when you need to customize an IT setup to meet your requirements after entering UAE. Deepu has a Bachelors Degree in Information Technology from one of the leading Indian universities.


Jaime Ann Isaac leads the customer care and internal coordination function at 3L Corporate Consultants. She works closely with Santosh on each of the projects handled by the organization. She is primarily responsible for coordinating various projects and ensuring that client requirements in terms of quality, milestones and budgets are met precisely.

In the customer care function, Jaime has ten years experience in Country Club as the customer care manager. She was leading the customer care function and responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction.


Prior to that, she was working with top bureaucrats in the Indian state of Kerala in executing governmental projects. 

Jaime has a Post Graduate Degree and is also an experienced IATA professional.

09. Joby.jpg

Joby Thomas is one of the key members of our servicing team in India. He is an experienced hand in projects that require extensive coordination with government entities within states and across the country. He has a good understanding of the decision making process across various government entities. Hence, he is able to design solutions that meet specific investment needs of global and local investors in India.


He particularly specializes in projects that entail government subsidies for investment in certain business sectors or locations across the country. Further, through his network, he is also able to bring together investors and people with great ideas on the same platform. 

At 3L Corporate Services, he plays an important role in ensuring that investors get the best value from every dollar invested in India.

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