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3L Corporate Services

Your Trusted Business Advisor In The United Arab Emirates


If you are a potential investor, the first and foremost question in your mind would be:​

"How would I benefit from investing in UAE"

Investing in UAE offers a host of advantages, because it opens up not just the Middle East, but the wider world at large. Since the discovery of oil in the 1930s, the UAE has come a long distance. Today, it is a strong regional hub, a global tourist destination and above all, an attractive country for investors. 

Much of this can be attributed to safe environment and stable governance in the country. Further, tax incentives to businesses, absence of foreign exchange controls, minimal trade barriers, stability of policy and an easy tax regime position UAE favorably vis-à-vis other destinations. The location of UAE also offers a strategic advantage, due to its superiority in global aviation connectivity and state of the art maritime ports.

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So, once you are in UAE, you also enjoy easier access to potential markets in Middle East, Africa, Central and Western Europe.


It therefore does not come as a surprise to note that many regional and international brands have made the UAE a hub. 

The list of benefits offered by UAE does not end here. It has excellent telecommunications and IT infrastructure. Hence, if you are in the technology business, setting up a business will be a breeze for you. Further, domain specific destinations like Dubai Media City, Silicon Oasis, Dubai Design District, Dubai Wholesale City, Kizad Industrial Area, Masdar City, Abu Dhabi Industrial City, Dubai Internet City and Dubai Knowledge Village will ensure that you have a choice of ecosystems within which you can operate your business. Within these ecosystems, you will be in the company of entities with similar interests as yours, thereby presenting interesting business opportunities.

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For e.g. if you are a renewable energy focused firm, Masdar City offers a great opportunity to connect with a wide array of organizations specializing in solar, wind and other renewable energy sources. This could open up newer horizons and business opportunities that you may not even have conceived.

We therefore believe that if you are an entrepreneur who dares to dream big, United Arab Emirates is the destination for you. Here, sky is the limit. 

  1. 100% foreign ownership and control

  2. 100% import and export Tax exemptions

  3. 100% profits ownership

  4. No local sponsorship required

  5. No Income Tax

  6. Flexible investment options

  7. Efficient transport and distribution facilities

  8. No customs duties in Free zones

  9. Full administrative and recruitment support

  10. Full security & safety support

  11. Renewable 15-year guarantee of no taxation at all (No Corporate tax first 15 years)


No wonder, it is the country where many overseas investors have made a name and fortune for themselves. To name a few, Mukesh Jagtiani of Landmark Group, Yusuf Ali of Lulu Group, Sunny Varkey of GEMS Education and Feroz Allana of IFFCO Group. 

If you still have questions about starting a business in UAE, feel free to get in touch with 3L Corporate Services through the below options.

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