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Thought Leadership

Leadership that inspires, evokes thought and creates impact

Thought Leadership

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Omar Mohammed Zubair Almarzooqi is one of the key members of the management team at 3L Corporate Services. He provides thought leadership to the organization and also guides the organization on issues that matter to potential investors in the United Arab Emirates. 

As a thought leader, he motivates and inspires the team to take action towards a common purpose i.e. client satisfaction. He also helps the organization in solving practical challenges and taking advantage of emerging business trends. His contribution to the organization is therefore crucial, as it helps the organization go beyond being a mere service provider to being a problem solver. The entire team of 3L Corporate Services therefore looks upto him for inspiration.

In addition to his role at 3L Corporate Services, Mr. Omar is an active member of Dubai Police and is currently serving as the Captain. Even though he has a busy schedule at Dubai Police, he takes time out to help the team in every way he possibly can. Another important facet of Mr. Omar's life that merits attention at this stage is his contribution to the field of sports. He is a certified referee and observer in the sport of handball. Its a matter of great pride that he represented the United Arab Emirates as a referee and observer in 2012 London & 2016 Rio De Janeiro Olympics.

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Mr. Omar is therefore a well known personality within the United Arab Emirates. He enjoys a good relationship with some of the most influential people and personalities within the country. His stature and status is therefore aptly represented through the images in the below section:

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We are therefore privileged to have the company of Mr. Omar Mohammed Zubair Almarzooqi as a part of our leadership team.

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