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About Us

Every organization passes through four distinct phases in its life cycle.

  • In the Formation phase, a company commences operations. It therefore needs to acquire licenses, rent office or industrial space, hire employees, import machinery and acquire requisite local certification among other things.


  • Once it passes this phase, it enters the Growth phase, wherein it needs to hire employees in larger numbers, invest in process automation, improve distribution network, tap new geographies and expand media presence amongst other initiatives.


  • Post this, a company enters the Maturity phase wherein growth starts tapering down. At this stage, a company may optimize workforce, invest in newer technologies, expand to new markets and launch new products.


  • While such initiatives bring success for some, for others, it may signify a transition to the Decline phase. In the decline phase, a company faces existential challenges, as the company is not able to make enough money to be in business. So, a company may curtail operations, wind up, sell out or merge with other companies.

At each and every stage, there is a need for paperwork, host of legal formalities, governmental approvals, coordination with various government entities, preparation of requisite documentation, attestation of documentation by authorities and translation of documentation to Arabic. These activities can take a lot of time and energy for any investor.


More importantly, as the UAE is a dynamic destination, rules and regulations are evolving on a continuous basis to make business easier in the country. As a business owner or representative, you therefore need the support of an organization like 3L Corporate Services that can handhold your organization through all the mandatory processes, so that you can focus all your efforts and energies on the thing that you like the most i.e. running your business.  While there are many organizations that can provide general business support services in the UAE, there are certain things that make 3L Corporate Services unique as compared to other organizations:

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Legal Background of Promoter


The professional backing the firm Mr. Santosh Matthews is a legal luminary with more than 30 years of legal experience across various countries in Asia, Middle East & Europe.


So every service of the firm ensures that all the laws, rules and regulations of the country are followed precisely. This ensures complete peace of mind for your business.

Experience In UAE


The promoter and his team come with several decades of experience in UAE. They are well versed with all the rules and regulations across all the Emirates and the benefits they offer to potential investors.


So, we are in a position to make the right suggestion depending on your needs, constraints, business objectives and budgets. 

Familiarity With Functioning


The team is well versed with the functioning of various units and departments in the UAE in terms of paperwork, operating style and general functioning.

We are therefore in a position to provide a clear picture to our clients in terms of paperwork, deadlines, budgets and overall practicality. This allows clients to plan their business activity with precision.

So, if you are exploring the prospects of entering UAE, 3L Corporate Services would be your ideal partner to help you take your dreams forward. We can assure you that you would be in safe hands. Please click on the below to know more about the specific services we offer to clients.

In addition to the above, through our office and associates in India, we offer a range of legal and business services, targeted at individuals, as well as commercial enterprises, based in India or in other countries. Companies with business interests across India and the United Arab Emirates can therefore leverage the benefit of our presence across both these countries. A detailed list of services provided in India is detailed in the services section.

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