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Service Areas

All The Services That You Need To Launch & Operate Your Business

Service Areas

We offer a wide array of services, which can be classified into five distinct segments as detailed below:

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When you start a new business, a host of processes need to be completed to help you start your business. We are there to support you at each stage:

  1. Applying for a trade license

  2. Guidance on the right set of licenses for your business

  3. Document clearance

  4. Document preparation and attestation

  5. Documentation for product or machinery imports

  6. Coordination with required government departments

  7. Preparing legal Memorandum of Associations

  8. Preparing and reviewing paperwork for office space rental

  9. PRO support

  10. Advice on right location for office or industrial setup

  11. General administration support

  12. Legal coordination, wherever required

  13. Providing legal representation, wherever required

Specifically for India

  1. Coordinating with government entities for arranging subsidies for specific business initiatives for domestic and foreign investors For e.g. investing in specific locations, investing in renewable energies, employing physically challenged and employing other marginalized groups

  2. Handling paperwork and other legal requirements for foreign investors in India


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United Arab Emirates has a liberal policy on hiring expatriate workers. We can help you ease the process of worker hiring through the following services:

  1. Visa for employees

  2. Visa for Investors

  3. Visa for spouse & children

  4. Visa renewal

  5. Visa cancellation

  6. Documents clearance

  7. Immigration Consultation

  8. Immigration Documents preparation

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In the course of starting, operating and winding up businesses, a number of services  may be needed by clients. These include:

  1. Advising companies on mergers & acquisitions​

  2. Advising companies on liquidation process

  3. Coordination with government departments

  4. Notification to government authorities

  5. Cancellation of business licenses

  6. Distribution of assets

  7. Clearance of corporate debts

  8. Clearance of government dues

  9. Coordination with government departments

  10. Acting as middlemen in business transactions

  11. Preparing requisite documentation

  12. Other legal formalities 


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During the course of launching, operating, amalgamating or liquidation of business, there may be situations of legal disputes that need settlement. During such incidents, we can:

  1. Arrange legal representatives viz. civil, criminal, taxation

  2. Document preparation and attestation

  3. Legal translation of documents

  4. Preparing Power of Attorneys to represent clients in court

  5. Updating clients on progress

  6. Working with the other party to amicably settle disputes

  7. Preparing and sending legal notices

  8. Providing any other legal support required


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In India, we have a team of lawyers that can represent clients in local courts, High Courts and even the Supreme Court on a variety of issues, which includes:

  1. Matrimonial disputes / divorce cases

  2. Trade disputes

  3. Labor disputes

  4. Taxation disputes

  5. Criminal cases

  6. General civil cases

    1. Contractual disputes e.g.​

      • Controversies between a landlord and a tenant

      • Disputes between a homeowner and design contractor

      • Dispute over land sales

      • Defective product for sale

      • Non-delivery of purchases charged

      • Violation of the deal on non-compete

      • Infringement of a business arrangement

    2. Torts e.g.

      • Assault & battery

      • False imprisonment

      • Fraud

      • Emotional distress

      • Invasion of privacy

      • Car or bicycle accidents

      • Medical malpractice

      • Slip & Fall

      • Defective product that causes an injury

      • Animal attacks (dog bites)

    3. Class action

      • A business which exposes individuals to dangerous substances

      • Defective goods that have caused multiple injuries, disease or death

      • Defective parts of the vehicle that have contributed to accidents

      • A corporation or organization that has deliberately caused damage to a group of people

      • A person or business that has set out to defraud a group of people

    4. Complaints against a city e.g.

      • Grievous or bodily hurt / harm due to deficiency of services provided by the city​

    5. Property debate e.g.

      • Stop a developer from building a commercial plaza in a residential area.

      • Have a party cease a certain activity

      • Transfer property to the rightful owner

      • Order a repair to property that is dangerous to visitors

      • Order a change of policy or to post warning signs

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